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NEDLEY & BOHN is a law firm committed to providing our clients with the skill and expertise to represent your child’s legal needs in the areas of special education, expulsion/suspension hearings, and juvenile delinquency proceedings.

We understand the strain and pressure that these legal matters inevitably put on our clients.  Therefore, NEDLEY & BOHN strives to make the entire process as stress-free as possible for you and your child by providing high quality legal services and being in constant communication with our clients.  We do our best to be certain that you are kept informed about the status of the case.  We will be there to answer your questions, and we encourage you to be involved in all steps of the case.

Special Education

We advocate for your child’s right to receive the free and appropriate public education that every child in California is entitled to receive. Special needs children, ages 3 through 21, who are not receiving appropriate special education services or whose services are not being fully or properly implemented by their school are, as a matter of law, not receiving a free and appropriate public education.  

NEDLEY & BOHN is available to represent your special needs child at all stages of the special education process, from IEP meetings, compliance complaints, due process requests, early resolution sessions, mediation, administrative hearings and appeals in federal court.

Juvenile Delinquency Law

When a child is charged with a crime, they appear in special proceedings in juvenile delinquency court.  Our attorneys have over ten years’ experience (including daily court appearances) representing children who are charged with committing delinquent acts. 

Suspension and Expulsion Hearings

Our experienced attorneys can also represent your child at school expulsion or suspension hearings.

School districts sometimes suspend or expel special needs children for behavior that is a result of their disabilities.  If you have a special needs child, California law provides special rules which must be followed for expulsions and suspensions of such students.   Our experienced attorneys can identify the special education issues which may strengthen your child’s right to remain in school.

Suspensions and expulsions are often initiated by school districts following an event that may also lead to a juvenile delinquency petition.  General education students facing suspensions or expulsions also greatly benefit from legal representation.


In situations where a parent is unwilling or unable to compel their school-age child to attend school, the school district may determine that the failure to attend is either "habitual" or "chronic" truancy and attempt to hold the parent criminally liable for allowing the truancy. The parent may be charged with an infraction, which may subject the parent to a possible fine, or in more serious cases as a misdemeanor, which may possibly subject the parent not only a fine, but even incarceration.

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